Company Overview

NeoVox offers scalable, third-party customer service and sales support to consumer-facing and business-to-business companies in a variety of industries. Based in Carthage, Missouri, the company was the concept of Jim Malcolm, Don Butcher, and Will Westmoreland. 

As executive managers of Precious Moments and other companies, Malcolm and Butcher had spent years dealing with the challenges of hiring external call centers and virtual service networks. Seldom finding a customer service partner that could meet their own brand’s standards of excellence, they decided to start NeoVox and revolutionize the call center industry. All four members of the executive leadership team have committed themselves to establishing a service record that exceeds the expectations of the clients that NeoVox services.

Today, NeoVox brings together a small but expert team of customer service industry leaders. With more than 100 years of combined experience, NeoVox is literally "the new voice” of customer service and sales.
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