Our vision is to improve customer care outsourcing through a unique model incorporating these proven pillars for successful customer interaction and cost reduction.

Behavior-based Coaching

By addressing the root cause of representative performance, rather than simply coaching to the numbers, NeoVox is able to correct behaviors that drive poor performance. This drives overall excellence and attains the cost per call savings that our clients have come to expect.

Performance Optimization

Through the utilization of behavior-based coaching and state-of-the-art quality tracking technology, NeoVox is able to drive performance optimization to its highest levels while dropping costs to their lowest levels.

Industry-leading Technology

NeoVox is a member of the Avaya Customer Gallery and has been certified in the top half of one percent of all U.S. companies in terms of technology quality. Our advanced technology is just one of the drivers behind our competitive pricing.

Physical/Virtual Solutions – Near shore / On shore Hybrid

NeoVox provides a world-class call center environment for our representatives. In addition, we employ virtual representatives who utilize our technology in a home-based environment. This model allows us to pass along significant savings to our clients while maintaining the highest levels of service. We also employ a nearshore / on shore hybrid model that allows us to cost average calls to supply spectacular answer rates and cost per minute.


Ever wonder how a domestic and non domestic contact center calls compare in quality and performance? You are in luck! We offer you the opportunity to listen to some sample calls that will help you experience our our fully bilingual staff without compromising our high quality service standard.